G-Plans is a health technology company building cutting edge health and nutrition products to serve the needs and goals of our customers around the world. Our products are based on data, science and our founder, our medical team, 30 + years of work with celebrities, elite athletes and patients around the world.

We have created a unique suite of products to uniquely serve our customers needs:

G-Plans Food Management, Calorie Counter & Exercise Journal


Track plan and manage your daily meals with our intuitive, easy to use meal planning application. Evidence shows tracking food can help you stay on track, organized and most importantly keep you accountable for your goals.

Track your daily meals and snacks with a few clicks
Intuitive meal planner to plan your weeks ahead
Food diary to keep all your information in one place
1M food database available for search
Medical studies show that keeping a food journal DOUBLES your chances of reaching your goals!
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G-Plans Maintain


Includes everything available in Freemium but with no limitations and has built in AI to serve up helpful education and insights into what you track and how to do better to hit your goals based around our medical team methodology. Helps you maintain your optimal weight, increase daily energy levels and even improve sleep regimens.

Everything available in freemium but with no limitations.

Track plan and manage your daily meals using our huge food database.

Even more features to help you reach your goals:
Built in artificial intelligence to serve up insights about what you are tracking and how to eat better for your body
Calorie & macro data for all meals
Barcode scanner available to input items on the fly
Fully integrated with Apple Health Kit and Google Fit
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Massive food database
We have over 1 million food items in our database available for you to search and track.
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Easily track your calories
Just track your food and snacks and we do all the calculating for you. It’s that simple.

G-Plans Customized Nutrition Programs


Includes everything available in Freemium and Maintenance but also provides completely customized, metabolic meal programs (via blood type input or metabolic quiz) based on our medical team powerful methodology and tailored to your goals.

Serves up weekly 7-day meal plan regimens tailored to your goals
Built-in exchange system allows customization to food you love
Dynamic recipe generator to apply any recipe to your meal plan
Built-in body composition and body fat percentage tracking
Available for Vegan, Vegetarian, Paleo, Pescatarian and customizable around all likes and dislikes.
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